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From the idea to the moon


Step 4 - Shipping to customers - Estimated Q4

The big day. The day, when you will receive a tracking number with your order. That's the end of the journey on one side, but another even more exciting one the other. Can't wait for what the creative community will build around this product and where will it go...

Step 3 - Quality control & Packaging - Estimated Q3

Once everything will be approved and manufacturing will start, we will make sure, you will get the best product possible. That's why we will carefully control and package everything. It's our baby after all :)

Step 2 - Manufacturing & certification - Estimated  Q3

With your support, we feel pretty confident to deliver as soon as possible, but it's quite unpredictable with every hardware product coming to market. Just to pass the certification itself can take quite a while, but of course, we will keep you informed.

Step 1 - First idea & prototype - Feb 21, 2021 & Jun 13, 2021

The iidea was mentioned during the live stream on Feb 21, 2021. Overnight first 3D render was created and prototyping started. The prototype has been made on Ender 3 3Dprinter but shortly after the aluminium one was born. Since then many re-designs was done and the final prototype was first announced to the public on Jun 13, 2021.


Buy us a coffee

There is a lot of work ahead of us. And that requires a lot of coffee. If you would like to support us and throw some virtual coins at us, we will be more than thankful. And what's better way than the BTC lightning network? After all... it's all about crypto 🚀🌙​

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