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How to set up MoonClock?


Easy 5 steps

You have received and unboxed your MoonClock. Congratulations!


*UPDATE - if your MoonClock is "Not turning on", is stuck on the same price occasionally or just want to enjoy new advanced features, please update to the newest code from our GitHub ( Special thanks for this code belongs to our fans - Patrik Janoušek a.k.a. "the-papi" & Jan Dvořák a.k.a. "gorrdy")

What now?

1. Download the new software from HERE (Green "Code" button - Download as .zip)

2. Plug MoonClock into your computer with provided USB-C cable. It will appear as a standard USB drive called "MOONCLOCK". Remove all content of the drive

3. Unzip the downloaded .zip file and copy the content of the "MOONCLOCK" folder to your "MOONCLOCK" drive. ***Important - copy just the content of the "MOONCLOCK" folder, not the whole directory. That means files such as,,, lib folder etc. Should look like this -

4. Open "" with a text editor such as notepad and replace "WIFI_SSID" and "WIFI_PASSWORD" with your WiFi details and save.

5. Done

That's all!


We all love Bitcoin, sure, but maybe you want to see the current price in another currency or completely another Crypto? No problem. MoonClock is ready for that!

1. Update the newest code from our GitHub

1. Edit "". For example from "USD" to "GBP"

2. That's it

Want more Crypto?

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