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What is MoonClock?

Are you still anxious about your favourite crypto price? We too. That's why we have designed a beautiful minimalistic "crypto price ticker". You can keep it on your table, and be instantly and constantly informed about price movement.

Open source

The whole project is designed from IT lovers to IT lovers. That's why we are building MoonClock as completely open-source.


No one likes overcomplicated, hard to use systems. That's why we decided to keep it as simple as possible with a minimalistic "Bauhaus" design.

Premium materials

The body is made from oxidised aluminium, front and back glass is made with 3mm acrylic and at the bottom, you can find 4x rubber feet.

Open for comunity

Thanks to open-source you can re-program it as you like. If you want to show something else than crypto, you're free to do so.

Hardware & Software


The whole project is based on an amazing new chip ESP32-S2 from Espressif Systems. To be precise it's an ESP32-S2-WROVER-I module.​

This chip is flashed with CircuitPython from Adafruit Industries for fast access and easy coding for everyone.

The display is made out of 5x OLED 0.96inch modules connected with I2C thanks to the TCA9548A multiplier.

Want more information? Check our GitHub repository where you can find all the information's for hardware (PCBs & 3D files) and code as well.


MoonClock supports any crypto and currency you can imagine




British Pounds


Czech Koruna

and many more...

Supported crypto


Watch the prototype introduction

The First MoonClock prototype was announced to the public by Czech YouTuber "Kicom" from "Bitcoinovej Kanal". Streamed live on Jun 13, 2021

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