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#5 - The new schematic and PCB design

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

If you have read the older articles you know the first PCB was just hand soldered with hanging wires around. That changes now.

To be precise I had already two PCBs without wires, but they used or the wrong ESP32 chip or display positions were incorrect.

“I have fixed it now and redesign the whole schematic and PCB. It's in the manufacturing process right now. Should take around 10-12days until they arrive.”

Once they arrive and they will work fine, we can start the mass production basically straight away.


Tonight, 23th Jun 2021, I have updated the schematic and PCB design. I have added the USB board, which will be connected to the main board via a 4Pin JST connector. I have also added GND to the mount holes, so the frame will be grounded as well.


These are the final schematics using ESP32-S2.

Main Board:

USB Board Schematic:

PCB Design

Here you can see the PCB design currently in manufacture

Main Board:

USB Board:

PCB view

This is the PCB view from OSH Park (but will be manufactured by JLCPCB).

Main Board:

USB Board:

EAGLE files

Here is the whole compressed EAGLE project containing .sch & .brd files.

Download ZIP • 1.49MB


As mentioned before, the code is made with CircuitPython, crypto price is from CoinGecko API. At the moment this is the Alpha version, supporting Bitcoin only, but will add more crypto little by little.

Download ZIP • 22KB

*Updated 11 Nov 2021

Next step?

As you can see on the main page, the GitHub repository is not ready yet, but this page is moreless the first info you will be able to find there. Once the GitHub repository will be live, will let you know.

Pavol Bujna

23th Jun 2021

Reading, UK

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