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#4 - Aluminium prototype

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

The day has come. The final and working aluminium prototype has arrived. And it's the cutest thing I have seen in a while.

Once I moved forward with the ESP32-S2 things started moving a bit faster. Meanwhile, I have received the aluminium frames from the factory and they look just stunning.

“Thankfully I get the dimensions right and everything fits just perfectly.”

As I think about that now.. that's not exactly true. I needed to redesign the PCB as I made a mistake and the display holes was a bit higher than they should be... Result? The numbers were not in the centre 🤦‍♂Terrible mistake... Thankfully it wasn't a disaster, as it was fairly easy to fix and within a week new PCB arrived. You can see the video with the final prototype here.


The unibody frame was made from anodized aluminium. In my humble opinion, it looks stunning 😍

PCB prototype

This is the fully working PCB with ESP32-S2, but obviously, as you can see, it was just hand soldered to be sure it's working before designing the final PCB.


Not sure at the moment how exactly the box will look like, but this is the first attempt. Metal box with laser cut foam sheets.

“Please don't take this as the final design. Not even sure if the box will be metal or not.”

Next step?

During the weekend I'm going to work on the FINAL PCB version, so can start to work on the certification process. Will keep you informed.

Pavol Bujna

17th Jun 2021

Reading, UK

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